Guardian Radio Episode 117

Episode 117 has been deployed! This week we’re joined by special guest KDub as we dive in to the latest news surrounding the Taken King release editions. Is $20 the right price for for the digital content included in the Collector’s Edition? We down a bunch of Red Bull as we try to take on the first quest in the…

  Jun 30th, 2015


Space Engineers Episode 7

If we ever give the illusion of knowing what we’re doing then this episode should fix that misapprehension. The build of the new ship continues, but we decide we need to build a construction ship to speed that up. You wouldn’t think we could screw that up, would you?

  Jun 26th     How to Murder Time


Podtacular 491: PrE3 Halo Hype

With the lead up to E3, Game Informer delivers a dump truck load of Halo information revealing more about the campaign we’ll be playing in October and hinting at an all new multiplayer experience that we’ll get to see at … Continue reading



KritzKast #330: Red Storm Rising

Ruskeydoo is back. Its been a while, but he’s here to talk about all the updates to TF2. Not only that, but we talk about a very unexpected revelation about miss Pauling. Then Agro shows us a Voicepack taking audio from both Red Orchestra 2 & Rising Storm. That would be it, if it wasn’t for the lengthy amounts of chat about overwatch. We talk about the widowmaker & Winston […]

  Jun 24th, 2015


Guardian Radio Episode 116

Mark went on vacation so the Bunny took over the show and Craig and Byf have returned from their E3 excursions. Join them as they discuss their E3 experiences and the recent Taken King Expansion ordeal along with special guests Youtuber MesaSean and DBO’s Daniel Duncan. Warning we also had one unwanted guest known as Byf’s keyboard. Don’t forget to…



Podtacular 490: What Lies Beneath

Our second to last episode covering the Hunt the Truth campaign, we find Ben about ready to give up on his hunt when he’s attacked by ONI and saved by FERO. With renewed commitment after FERO told Ben she was … Continue reading



How To Murder Time 4.08

We’re back with another podcast and this time we’re talking about Rift, The Witcher 3, Space Engineers and Fallout Shelter. One of these games is very shallow, but I don’t think I can think of a click bait-y title to encourage you to listen and find out which. Don’t forget that along with the traditional audio […]



May’s Artwork Contest Winners!

Some of you may know, some of you may not, That every month our server admins do a wonderful little contest giving you guys a monthly chance to win a Lo-Fi. Normally its very simple. Grab a screenshot of the “Admin of the month”. The best screenshot wins the Lo-Fi. How do you know who is the admin of the month, Firstly check the steam group for details, secondly you’ll […]

  Jun 23rd     Kritzkast


Space Engineers Episode 6

It’s finally time to start on our big new ship. I do hope nothing goes wrong with it before it’s even finished…

  Jun 22nd     How to Murder Time


KritzKast #329: Dungeon of the Endless Refunds

The one where Dungeon of the Endless gets TF2 items
Steam starts issuing refunds
The summer sale kicks off, together with cookie clicker style minigame.
Maps workshop sees a tonne of updates.
And our Artist of the Month competition sees some winners.