KritzKast #341: Meet the Amazing Woman

In TF2 news TF2 Comic DeutschLAN 2015 this week Meet the amazing Pyro In Gamescom Interview w/ Jeff Kaplan & Matthew Hawley Overwatch statues – making of.

  Sep 11th, 2015


New Arena Map The Rig

While most of us were in Seattle enjoying Pax, 343 dropped some info regarding another Arena map called The Rig.  Making its debut at Gamescom along with Colosseum, The Rig is actually a favorite around the studio and was used … Continue reading

  Sep 10th     podtacular


Space Engineers Episode 21

It turns out that we’re not very good at combat, which came as a bit of a shock really as everything else we’ve done in this series has suggested that we’re awesome and never make mistakes. Still, we can learn from the experience and so it’s time to build version 2 of our combat craft and […]

  Sep 9th     How to Murder Time


New Halo Shirts Available from J!NX

The Halo Waypoint Store just put up some new Halo 5 apparel you can get your hands on right now.  In addition to the Spartan insignia and Chief helmet tee seen above, there is also a Locke helmet tee, Blue … Continue reading



Halo Tricks Turns 10 Years Old

It seems quite a few communities got their start back in 2005 and we’re happy to see our friends over at Halo Tricks make their 10 year mark.  Halo Tricks got their start back in Halo 2, similar to us, … Continue reading



Guardian Radio Episode 127

With 2.0 upon us The Taken King is that much closer. There’s only one week left until the world of Destiny completely changes. This week we dive in to the latest Twitch reveal stream to chat about the Court of Oryx. Is this finally the change to Patrols that we all wanted? We also breakdown the latest Bungie Weekly Update…

  Sep 08th, 2015


Back from Hiatus

As you may have noticed, there’s been a lot of Halo news recently, yet we’ve remained pretty quiet here on the website and our podcast.  With less than two months left before the launch of Halo 5: Guardians, we’re looking … Continue reading



KritzKast #340: Live @ I55

We say live. It’s recorded Live. That’s kinda the same thing right? Agro and Tempest spend the weekend at Insomnia 55, the UK’s biggest Lan and Gaming Festival. Not only that, but the home of the only International TF2 Event. Teams Ascent & froyotech came over from the states to show their prowess in thew ring of honor against the Euro might of nerdRage.tf2 and Reason Gaming. I won’t spoil […]

  Sep 03rd, 2015


How To Murder Time 4.11

We’re back with another podcast, and this time we’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons Online, The Swindle, Rift and Disney Infinity 3.0. As always both the video and the audio are available on this post.  

  Sep 02nd, 2015


Guardian Radio Episode 126

We have seen the inside of the Dreadnaught in strike form and it looks amazing! This week we breakdown the ‘Shield Brothers’ Strike Twitch reveal with special guest Lady Desiree. Desiree shares with us details about her recent trip to Bungie where she got to hear some of the new audio tracks coming with The Taken King. Spoiler alert….they sound…

  Sep 01st, 2015